Saturday, 13 September 2014


They always say the good days are gone, I remember listening to some senior citizens talking about how the educational system was during their time, in the university they had meal tickets, school fees was less than N100, they had their laundry done for them, and am sure they gave them their book and no knows maybe cloths sef  lol. I remembered mentioning that they are the REAL AJE BUTTERS. All these sound amazing but I am sure they had their challenges and dissatisfaction but they pulled through, and today they are mentors of another generation whose way of life and challenges were totally different from theirs.
I watched a clip where children from the ages of 5-10 where presented with the box telephone, remember the one you have to dial by putting your finger in each digit, then you roll it to the end and back again(don’t deny it I know you remember), well it so happens the children had no idea  how to use it, they laugh and wondered what it was, it was funny that was when I realised I was no longer the child, am now the adult and I get to tell them about my school days and the kind of music I listened to and how music nowadays does not make sense, the fashion is now terribly etc. (sigh)
Looking at the generations past, present and future, with their different testimonies, benefits, challenges, way of life, type of music, governmental system, how communication can be difficult between them due to the age gap, never fully understanding each other’s values and reasoning it can be frustrating most especially when you are trying to work together, with all that I realise the bible is the same and it applies to them all.
The bible does not diminish, it does not change in style   or try to remain culturally relevant, the bible does not require a face lift, or a remix, no need for marketers or adverts , the truth remains that the bible deals with every challenge, I mean every challenge, answers are found there, ideas, songs, policies, way of life, its literally the gold mine,
so if you want answers (gold) you have to dig into the word, I challenge you to read the bible today. It’s the one thing that keeps us ALL together, old, young, and not so old not so young, no matter what generation you fall in the bible is still relevant to your generation.

Never have I heard anyone say during my days the bible was so so so and so, the word is consistent and sure, reliable and true, backed with results.

 Read the bible today, it will bless you.

Celebrate you all.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


The bus stop is just what the name implies, a BUS STOP
Despite the stop; it happens to be a transitional point to another destination , a worldwide connection of different destination points, connected by a bus stop i strongly believe the six degree of separation applies here.
The first thing you will notice when you get to a bus stop is the symphony of activity; its environment carries an aura of matter  where you sit, stand or where you  spend the night(bed and breakfast) you know fully well thousands have been there before and thousands would still visit that exact spot. the chatter never stops, hawkers with their unique marketing strategies, the ladies selling food (mama put), the roasted meat seller (mai Suya), the mechanic, the bus conductor looking for change, and occasionally the group of men discussing the latest football match at the newspaper stand, and of cause not to forget the smaller groups who get in a fight or two, the money doublers, the list goes on, just fill in the blanks.
The drama at a bus stop is so interesting, and fascinating one thing I notice about this particular place is that no matter how delicious the meal is, how comfortable the vehicle is, how danceable the music being played is the passenger never stays there, the passenger would not say hmmmmm I like this place I think I will settle down here. The passenger always passes. The best the bus stop can get from a passenger is a short term patronage and a quick farewell, the same thing happens every time a passenger arrives at the bus stop.

The bus stops in life are no different, identify every bus stop in your life, don’t set camp, don’t lay a permanent foundation, make the most of it and when it’s time to move its time, no excuses, no delay, no procrastination, don’t listen to the voices of those who choose to remain at the bus stop, don’t get carried away by the activity and how close you are with them, your journey is different, when your vehicle is ready to leave, say a quick Farwell and head to your next level. Selah

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

                                          BE A LOVER NOT A JUDGE

Their voices so loud, once cheerful faces turned red in anger clouded with judgment, I thought they loved me” she thought. Her heart beating so fast, tears stung at her eyes at how she felt, a mixture of guilt, fear, shame, exhaustion, loneliness etc all at once, I need to get out of here,

 I need to run away, what should I do, who do I talk to, all these emotions bottled up in her and no one could sense her frustration, instead they were all focused on making their individual eloquent points.
Then her opportunity came, in a blink of an eye the group without realising the subject of their discussion was gone, where she went they wondered after a long time no one found her, they continued the meeting discussing other issues on the agenda like nothing happened, they was a move to adjourn and the meeting ended as they shared the grace in fellowship.
Ann found herself all alone wondering what she would do, she was thrown out by her family, where she was told over and over again IT DOES NOT MATTER what you have done God’s forgiveness is available to wash it all away, you are welcome and we love you just as you are, your past is washed away, but they did not mention the silent rule which states that IF YOU MESS UP AGAIN AND WE FOUND OUT YOU ARE GOING TO BE AN OUTCAST. So Ann went back to where she was familiar with, back to the world system at the vulnerable state she was in, with no one to guide her through the challenge she was facing. She went back to where no one judged her; instead she received wrong counsel, which yielded several outcomes and months later the word came out,
Became the conversation opener, hmmmmm she now clubs, drinks, smokes and is dating a cultist, can you imagine? And I thought she was a Christian ohhh, so all that time she was raising up holy hands it was in pretence, smh what a pity, I knew something was up with her, I SENSED IT IN MY SPIRIT. I even heard she is not prostituting, hmmm you did not hear it from me ohhh etc.
Love each other in the Lord, do not judge one another, correct each other in love, guiding each other, that way we grow strong, but if we continue to point fingers at each other to determine who is worst then we are wrong. Proverbs 27v17
If you are still wondering what Ann the character did instead of concentrating on the message on this write up then you are wrong The grace of God is more than enough for us ALL, we have no right to judge anyone. Matthew 7v1-6(msg Version).

Love each other at all times. Show love at all times,pray for each other at all times. And when in a position and for some reason love seems far from you, then you should ask God to help you. And His love that surpasses all understanding definitely will envelope that point wash the person with the word of God.( :)
Replace judgment with love and mercy. May God help us all.

I celebrate you all.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Be yourself they always say, Stop standing that way
Wear this outfit its better, Take this path is faster,
Who told you to do it that way that’s just wrong, do it this way instead but remember always be yourself (smiley face)
What does that really mean, am told to be myself but everywhere I turn I get opinions that alter all together what I would prefer, am demanded to make changes that suits another person’s opinion, does the opinion of another define who I am? , the standards and values presented by the social media, CNN, channel O, style network or E and the latest not so real reality shows telling me this is the real way of living. And the driving force still falls back on who is watching, what will people say, and am still expected to be myself. So I followed the rules, I obeyed the commandments, I changed my slang and I even altered my name to fit in but still I had identity crises. Never fully fitting in, and I remained a stranger in a familiar system.  Then there was an election and a  change.

What are you feeling like?
Who does she thinks she is?
 rebels to the world's system are asked these question when they decide  to be different because they no longer live for another person, their values change , their lifestyle is different and when the world system comes around  it does not recognize the person standing in front of it, the world realizes its reflection is no longer in that person, instead there is a different reflection
Instead of the reflection of fear the world sees boldness, lack was replaced with abundance, in the place of struggle is grace, and in the place of bitterness there was a full dose of joy, the person is surrounded with an aroma of love and peace.
I saw the world system lean in very curious and in an attempt to recognize who is standing and whispers 
With confidence I squared up and I answered I am the daughter of the Most High God.

Walking away singing ‘I know who I am “

Thursday, 14 August 2014

What are you saying today?
Father and Mother what are you saying to your children and what are you allowing others say to them, husband and wife what are you saying to each other, what are you saying to your in-laws, friends what are you saying to each other, boyfriend girlfriend what are you saying to each other? Most importantly what are you saying to yourself?
Do your words empower, encourage, assure, who you are speaking to? Or do your words criticize, depress and manipulate who you speak to?

Who do you listen to? Who do you allow speak into your life, whose words of wisdom ring at the back of your head when you need an advice is it the person who says "you will never succeed" or the person who says "you are the head and not the tail.''
Watch what you say, watch what names you call yourself and the people around you, and watch what you say about your country, your state, your governor, your surroundings, your family, YES WATCH WHAT YOU SAY. Because we are speaking beings, God created us that way, life and death is at the power of the tongue, how you stir your tongue determines where and how your journey will be,  renew your words with the word of the Lord daily, watch what you say and what people say to you, words don’t die, words are powerful. My pastor always tells us WORDS DON’T DIE.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014


When I was eight years old my dad bought me a toy, it got broken and my elder brother told me my dad would punish me, I got so scared so I wrote my dad a letter of apology, telling him I was sorry for wasting his money, and that it will never happen again.
After reading the letter my dad said something to me that I would never forget, he said a toy was not built to last forever but the way I treat the toy he gives me would determine the level of trust he would have in me, which will in turn determine how expensive my next toy will be, and also one of the ways he can tell that was responsible.
I had a sudden need to be responsible, I decided to wash and keep all my toys safe, you don’t want to know the once I destroyed in the process(lol).
This memory came to mind one faithful day, I had attended a prayer meeting and a prayer request was raised for us to pray for financial increase, with so much zeal I started praying, I don’t know if it happens to you but my mind started wondering around areas I needed the money for, I taught of my house, my car, the trip around the world, my children’s school fees, my trip to the spa etc. basically the good life, then just like a heavy metal falling from the top of a building and landing on a car the scripture hit me, mattew 6v33(seek ye first……….) that was when it made sense to me, I should be asking for resources for the kingdom that should be my priority, and every other thing  will be added unto me, I will not lack or worry about being broke.
What is the motive for what I pray for? Is it beneficial to the cause or is it all about me and how I can show off to people
 God wants to give me so much, grant me my heart desires, lavish me with so much resource beyond what i can imagine, but here is the jamb question (A Nigerian based university entrance exam)
Why do i need it?
Can God trust me with such resource?
What is the reason behind my request?
What is the state of my heart?
(Food for thought)


It is a phrase I have heard severally even before I got the first class experience wake up and go to school or work.
Sunday evenings is a constant reminder of what is to come, the almighty dreadful, depressing Monday morning, which promises bonuses like
·         Waking up early
·         Finding what to wear(if u have not done that the night before
·         Traffic
·         Carry over work from Friday
·         New challenges at work etc.
·         Panic attack for a deadline one is expected to meet
Makes you want to call in sick, create a family emergency, it’s amazing how the go to response for avoiding Monday is always to cower and hide. Then you resolve to just saying I HATE MONDAYS.
Over the years I have come to hate Mondays literally, I have wished for an extra day in the weekend, so Monday would stay away a bit longer. Kai gaskiya (honestly) Mondays are just Mondays.
Aside from the standard dislike for Mondays, other attempts have been made to inform Monday how we dislike her, we have pictures, slogans, smileys you name it, Monday knows she is not liked at all.
This morning on my way to work  I watched as cars pass by and I looked at the countenance of the people heading to work and I smiled because I  knew without a doubt we shared the same sentiments, can I get an amen (AMEN)
Then the Holy Spirit said something to me that got me thinking